Open Letter to a Manufacturing CEO

Adopt the Toyota Production System for Manufacturing Excellence

I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits. I am writing to share an innovative approach that has the potential to revolutionize your manufacturing operations and elevate your company to new heights of efficiency and excellence. By integrating the Toyota Production System, and Lean Six Sigma, and harnessing the expertise of a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, your organization can pave the way for transformative success.

You have got to be prepared to take those risks or you … are never going to make that leap in life that you need to make to be a great leader” – Retired Admiral William McRaven.

Let’s Start With Some Key Lean Six Sigma Benefits

1. Profound Knowledge of all Your Processes Leads to increased Profit Margins,
2. Value Streams organize a System to Focus on Value Delivered,
3. Increased Process Velocity,
4. Increased Process Quality,
5. Decreased Process Operational Costs,
6. Use a Plethora of Tools Such as SWOT, PEST, Porter 5 Forces, Project Charter, Brainwriting 6-3-5, Brainstorming, DOWNTIMES, Value Streams, Statistics, House of Quality, Fishbone Diagram, Design of Experiments, TRIZ, Mind Map, and finally, Failure Modes Effects Analysis for a Somewhat Complete List of Key Lean Six Sigma Tools.

Bring These Lean Six Sigma Suite of Tools and Concepts to bear on your system along with the following tools of the Toyota Production System to create Extreme Operational Excellence.

The Toyota Production System (TPS) Includes a Fully Integrated System Approach to Excellence

1. Of Course, TPS Operates on Value Streams,
2. Written Guidance for Everyone,
3. Standardization of all Processes,
4. Kata Continuous Improvement, Policy Propagation, and Realization Generating 11 ideas per person, per year, all in a Management-Defined Direction,
5. Production Leveling to Smooth Plant Operations,
6. Strive for Flow as a Process-to-Process Transfer Method,
7. Autonomation or Modifying Machinery to Stop if it Detects it Produced a Defect,
8. Kanban or Pull as a Process-to-Process Transfer Method to remove Inventory and minimize Warehouse Space,
9. “andon” Which has Toyota Stop to Fix a Defect-Producing Process before Starting Again,
10. Lean Production is a Pull System that works through their Suppliers.
11. Visual Control so Everyone Sees System Status,
12. Suppliers Must Produce Products at the Same Level of Quality as Toyota’s System, as well as Integrate with Toyota’s Kanban pull System for Just-in-Time delivery, and
13. System Culture. Visual Control, Kata, and a No-layoff Policy Drive Toyota’s Culture to Become a Competitive Advantage.

I am confident that integrating the Toyota Production System, Lean Six Sigma, and the guidance of a Master Black Belt will position your company for unprecedented success in the competitive manufacturing landscape. As an expert in Lean Six Sigma and the Toyota Production System, I stand ready to support and guide your organization throughout this transformative journey.

All this with an over 400% ROI and a $700,000 cost.

Thank you for considering this proposal. I eagerly anticipate the possibility of working with you to unlock the full potential of your organization.


Jim FitzGerald

Toyota Production System & Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt


Apply the Tools of The Six Sigma Toyota Production System to Manufacturers.

Build Your 6+ Sigma Manufacturing System.