Manufacturing Contact

Critical production financial metrics.
A measure of effciency.
This helps me understand some of the forces on your business.
This is a Critical Success Factor.
Tier 1 Suppliers deliver Just-in-Time and their quality rolls up to your products quality. Toyota’s Tier 1 Suppliers must delver above 6 Sigma quality.
Toyota produces a 6+ Sigma automobile which requires their Suppliers to deliver 6+ Sigma supplies.
Tier 2 Suppliers deliver supplies that affect the quality of your products but don’t deliver Just-in-Time.
Tier 3 Suppliers are all Suppliers that aren’t Tier 1 or Tier 2. Estimate if needed.
The more product components, the greater the component Sigma requirement.
An estimate or focus on poorer performing assembly lines.
Mororola desired 4.5 Sigma in their 6 Sigma program.