Government Improvement

The Governments Benefactor (Citizens) Deserve the Greatest Return on Their Dollars. The Toyota Production System Delivers Operational Excellence for Citizens Attained by a Maniacal Focus on Process Improvement

Above all, increase service delivery, strenthen integration with Suppliers, improve customer relationships, and also, constantly striving for perfection. Therefore, increase Operational Excellence by operating your Government System like the Toyota does their System. Do more with less.

Government Improvement Through Implementation of The Toyota Production System Benefits include:

  1. Firstly, Just-in-Time (JIT) minimizes excess inventory, reduces process throughput times, and improves efficiency,
  2. Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) propagates you into the future at a rate of 11 ideas per year, per employee all in a management-controlled direction and creates a winning culture,
  3. Respect for People recognizes that employees are the foundation of success. Toyota empowers its workforce and promotes collaboration and teamwork,
  4. Knowing the Performance of Every Process gives you Profound Knowledge of your system,
  5. Built-in Quality incorporates defect prevention, and error proofing thereby improving customer satisfaction and brand reputation,
  6. Pull System response to customer demand, generates responsive production, reduces waste, and aligns supply chain demand,
  7. Direction to excellence by Guiding Principals,
  8. A constant eradication of fat or what Lean Six Sigma calls waste,
  9. Stregic suppliers decrease cost year over year,
  10. Standardization establishes consistent processes and practices by documenting and promoting best practices. Helps identify areas of deviations and potential improvements,
  11. Visual Management leads to transparency, visual tools, performance visibility, problem visualization, and real-time monitoring.

Improve Government by Attaining Operational Excellence:

Consequently, It’s Time for the Government to Charge in the 21st Century with Excellence. The Toyota Production System creates Operational Excellence. Though the following list seems simple, it is not. However, this is the Lean Six Sigma path to Government Improvement and Operational Excellence:

  1. Develop Operating Principles
  2. Identify Value
  3. Map Value Streams
  4. Subsequently, Create Flow
  5. Establish Pull
  6. In Addition, Seek Perfection

Government Improvement Conclusion

Once you have Profound Knowledge of your processes and you are managing by Value Stream, you have taken the first step to achieving Greatness. This focuses on the value you deliver to your customer whether it’s a constituent or another government agency. This gives you Profound Knowledge of every process in your Governmental System. This allows you to focus on process improvement in areas that provide the greatest opportunity to improve system performance.

Operational Excellence. This means using everyone in your government system to march toward Perfection:

The Toyota Production System is powerful, use it to Power your New Government System.

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