Open Letter to a Business CEO

Business Chief Executive Officer

Dear CEO:

Some Benefits of the Toyota Production System

Let me paint a picture of your future organization after implementing the expertise of the Toyota Production System. The advantages of a maniacal  focus on processes:

  • Above all, everyone in the organization is directed toward success
  • The Business System Has Profound Knowledge of its System with Value Streams
  • Kata Continuous Improvement, Policy Propagation, and Realization:
    • 11 ideas per Year by all Employees
    • All ideas in a system-controlled direction
    • Creates a culture of winning
  • $280,000 net income per employee
  • Adopt Kanban or Toyota’s Pull Methodology
  • Integrate with your Strategic Suppliers for Just-in-Time deliveries
    • Above all, organize your suppliers into at least 7 categories:
      • Tier 1: Strategic and deliver Just-in-Time,
      • Tier 2: Strategic and meeting Sigma Performance Requirements,
      • Tier 3: Strategic and desired Just-in-Time deliveries,
      • Tier 4: Strategic and not meeting Sigma Performance Requirements,
      • Tier 5: Not Strategic and Just-in-Time,
      • Tier 6: Not strategic and not meeting Sigma Requirements, and
      • Tier 7: Not Strategic and meeting Sigma Requirements.
  • Using Toyota Production System tools to utilize 9 Competitive Advantages, and
  • so on
Bring in Lean Six Sigma
  1. Increase process velocity,
  2. Decrease process costs, and
  3. Increase process quality.
Get Credit for Effort Performed

Apply for a Baldrige Performance Excellence Award for Process Excellence. Part of this process is self-reflection and part is to helpfully get support from the Baldridge Organization.

In Summary

The Toyota Production System is a 6+ Sigma System and there’s no reason how come your Business Organization cannot strive for that level of performance. This will position you to receive a Malcolm Baldrige Award (indicating the realization of Operational Excellence, a competitive advantage). The above list is but a short summary of how your future Business Organization will function. The time to start is now.


Jim FitzGerald

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt


Apply the Tools of The Six Sigma Toyota Production System to Business.

Build Your Six Sigma Business System.