Single Payer Hospital Study

Single-Payer Hospital Study

Single-Payer Hospital Study shows the operational differances compared to American hospitals. Firstly they are much more efficient than American hospitals. By efficient I mean they cost less to operate and deliver more value to patients.

American healthcare costs normalized per economy is about 17% of GDP. European healthcare costs are about 9% of GDP. We are effectively throwing away 8% of our GDP. That GDP could be used to build infrastructure, to educate students, and a host of other things.

Wasting 8% of our GDP is not sustanable. Between exorbitant healthcare costs and significantly higher military costs we have much less GDP to spend on improvement efforts.

Above all European Single Payer Hospitals outperform American hospitals in important health metrics. The metrics I’m thinking about our lifetime and infant mortality rate. Subsequently Europeans live longer and have less babies dying. They do all of this at a lower cost.

Finally to open your eyes watch this video on the study of Single Payer Hospitals:

In Conclusion

There are huge advantages to directing your focus to processes and patients. You will improve your relationships with:

  1. Patients,
  2. Doctors,
  3. Insurance Companies, and
  4. Your own employees.

Hospitals with future vision will benefit by changing.