Hospital Patient Safety Program

Hospital Patient Safety Program

If hospitals really cared about patients they wouldn’t infect about one out of every 31. Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) is a defect that occurs when a hospital operation causes a patient infection. Toyota could not stay in business with that defect rate. The Hospital Patient Safety Program (HPSP) addresses this problem.

This HPSP uses the same methodology that Toyota uses to rid their factory of defects, andon. andon is a program that stops production when a defect is detected and immediately moves to determine and rectify the source of the defect.

Why don’t hospitals do the same thing?

Above all this video goes through the design of a Patient Safety Program. Subsequently, it will protect patients, decrease the rate of HAI, and increase the reputation of your hospital:

In Conclusion

HAIs are a scourge on Hospitals and if they had to publish their HAI rate, may find it hard to get patients. Wouldn’t be wonderful if you could improve to 1/33 or 1/34? Toyota uses andon to eradicate defects from cars, can’t hospitals use andon to improve patients’ lives?