Epidemic Emergency Room

Epidemic Emergency Room

This Epidemic Emergency Room design separates patients. It is used to separate non-emergency and emergency patients. Also, it separates infectious and noninfectious patients. Consequently, this innovative Emergency Room redesign can work under multiple different conditions.

The Epidemic Emergency Room is a hospital innovation. It decreases cost, serves patients more effectively, and is a way to separate patients in a pandemic. It separates real emergency patients from other patients in an emergency room. Since, on average, 72% of patients that enter an Emergency Room do not have an emergency, this Emergency Room design moves them from the expensive Emergency Room to a low-cost, more patient-effective Emergency Room.

For infectious patients, the use is slightly different. It does what Emergency Rooms are mostly currently doing and that is separating patients based on infectiousness during this pandemic.

Above all this video goes into more detail which shows you the value of innovation in hospitals:

Epidemic and Innovative Emergency Room

In Conclusion

This Emergency Room design originally targetting the high cost of Emergency Rooms. By treating all patients the same then all patients cost about the same. Separate the 72% of patients that are using the Emergency Room as a Doctor’s Office to a low-cost “Emergency Room” you could save a large amount of money.