Open Letter to a Manufacturing CEO

Manufacturing Chief Executive Officer

Dear Manufacturing CEO:

Current Manufacturing System

Manufacturing is a very competitive business. As the world becomes more interconnected so does competition. Operating at less than 4 Sigma leaves money on the table. Cost of Quality impacts manufacturing yield, warranty costs, and corporate reputation.

Consequently, manufacturing managers do not see a path forward. Current work is overwhelming. This leads to competitor incursion and other threats against profit margins.

Future 6+ Sigma Manufacturing System

Firstly follow in the footsteps of the best manufacturing system ever. The 6+ Sigma Manufacturing Toyota Production System. Utilize the tools of the Toyota Production System and Lean Six Sigma to create operational excellence.

The Toyota System assembles a car made up of 30,000 components, a large quantity of them manufactured by suppliers, and still, Toyota operates a 6+ Sigma System. 6+ Sigma Manufacturing integrates the supplier system and the customer for a complete, holistic, integrated system.

6+ Sigma Manufacturing Benefits

The benefits of going down this route are too numerous to mention but some of them are:

  • Above all market dominance,
  • Increased profit margins,
  • Increased product flow,
  • Certainly Profound Knowledge of the Manufacturing System,
  • Near constant defect removal,
  • Operational Excellence creates a competitive advantage,
  • A whole System quest for perfection while building a Culture of Excellence,
  • Use pull to increase manufacturing velocity, improve quality, and decrease cost,
  • Toyota changes in a system benefiting direction every day and so should your Manufacturing System,
  • Lean Production is much more efficient than Mass Production,
  • And so on.

In Conclusion

Build your 6+ Sigma Manufacturing System. The Toyota Production System fully integrates all aspects of manufacturing. It achieves Six Sigma even integrating with suppliers products. By implementing Lean Six Sigma you create Operational Excellence while increasing process flow velocity, increasing quality, and decreasing cost. By implementing the tools of The Toyota Production System you will now have a Manufacturing System that welcomes the competition.

Subsequently, Toyota Production Sigma seeks perfection through its Continuous Improvement program that generates about one idea per person per month. A requirement is that you focus on the value you produce and change your culture to that of a winner.

Two other important points:

  • Black Belts average about $1 million of savings each year, and
  • 6 Sigma means 3.4 Defects per Million Opportunities or less.

Change marches you into the future. Let me help you Build a 6+ Sigma Manufacturing System and excel at Operational Excellence thus creating a competitive advantage.


Jim FitzGerald

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt


Apply the Tools of The Six Sigma Toyota Production System to Manufacturers.

Build Your 6+ Sigma Manufacturing System.