Open Letter to Hospital Chairperson of the Board

Chairman of the Board

Dear Chairperson:

Hospital Current State

Hospitals must change. Threats existing in the future of hospitals consist of more than pandemics and single-payer Hospitals. Hospitals are already failing because they mishandled the current pandemic. US healthcare costs are 17.7% of GDP while Europe’s healthcare costs are about 9% of GDP. Europeans live longer and have a lower infant mortality rate. How much longer can the US afford to spend an 8% extra of our GDP on healthcare with poorer results.

Current healthcare administrators have learned to be conservative. That is how they have been successful in the past and how they expect to be successful in the future. Change represents forward motion as well as risk. Without change and innovation, more hospitals will cease to exist or limp ahead.

Six Sigma Hospital

I highly recommend that you consider adopting the tools of Lean Six Sigma and the Toyota Production System. Create an office of Hospital Operational Excellence. Redesign your Emergency Room so that the 72% of non-emergency patients are not run through the very expensive current Emergency Room.

The benefits of a Six Sigma Hospital are too numerous to mention but some of them are:

  • increased patient flow through the hospital,
  • Profound Knowledge of the Hospital System,
  • consequently increased surgeries and a new Surgery Excellence Center,
  • protect patients from Hospital Acquired Infections,
  • above all near constant defect removal,
  • a whole hospital quest for perfection,
  • in addition limit supply costs through a pull system,
  • create a new highly efficient Emergency Room design,
  • Toyota changes in a system benefiting direction every day and so should a Hospital,
  • and so on.

Six Sigma Hospital Conclusion

Black Belts average about $1 million of savings each year. The Toyota Production System is a Six Sigma System and changes near daily. Six Sigma means 3.4 Defects per Million Opportunities or less. Change marches you into the future. Subsequently let me help you Build a Six Sigma Hospital.

Hospitals should focus on the Patient Experience as well as Operational Excellence.


Jim FitzGerald

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt


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