Open Letter to a Manufacturing CEO

Manufacturing Chief Executive Officer

Dear Manufacturing CEO:

Firstly, let me paint a picture of your future organization after implementing the expertise of the 6+ Sigma Toyota Production System. The advantages of a maniacal  focus on processes

  • Everyone in the Manufacturing System is directed toward success,
  • The Manufacturing Organization focuses on the value they produce,
  • Everyone on the assembly line becomes a quality inspector through the use of andon:
    1. Above all, andon is the stoppage of a manufacturing process when a defect is detected,
    2. Continuously remove defects,
    3. Toyota still receives about 800 andon stops per year per manufacturing plant,
    4. Toyota has a strategy to minimize the impact of stoppages.
  • Suppliers work to create a just-in-time system where they can decrease your costs,
  • Seek Manufacturing Perfection
    1. Moreover, improve at a rate of about 1 idea a month per person,
    2. Management defines the idea direction,
    3. Toyota will not expand to a new plant unless they have a critical mass of employees that know this procedure,
    4. This is how come no competitor will ever catch Toyota, and
    5. Your culture changes to one of winning.
  • In addition, increase process speed and minimize inventory waste by using the Pull method,
  • Stress the manufacturing system,
  • Consequently, implementing Lean Six Sigma to:
    1. Above all, increase process velocity,
    2. Decrease process costs, and
    3. Subsequently, increase process quality.
  • All smaller but often purchased items can be put into a double bin system to decrease inventory costs and increase availability,
  • Report success metrics to management, and
  • Your organization no longer worries about the competition but welcomes them. Your System will get stronger year after year.

The Toyota Production System is a 6+ Sigma System and there’s no reason how come your Manufacturing Organization cannot strive for that level of performance. The above list is but a short summary of how your future Manufacturing Organization will function.


Jim FitzGerald

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt


Apply the Tools of The Six Sigma Toyota Production System to Manufacturers.

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